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Tom Davis is a veteran of the radio industry having engineered, managed, programmed and trained radio personalities and administrative persons at several FM radio stations around the nation.  Some of the stations he has engineered in the start-up phase include KKFI (Kansas City),   KABF (Little Rock),  KNON (Dallas) and more.  One of the achievements he is most pleased with is spearheading a campaign to raise funds to increase the power of community radio station WRFG-FM (Atlanta) to 100,000 watts.  While also at WRFG – Mr. Davis created a program called ‘World Party’ featuring music from around the world. 

An exciting feature of the WRFG-FM’s World Party program involved Mr. Davis conducting live remote broadcasts around the  world from such places as Ireland, Europe, Central America, South America, The Caribbean, Africa and other locations.

Following a decade at the helm of WRFG – Tom Davis went on to pioneer in the internet radio realm by establishing Love Internet Radio in 1997 –  One of the first internet radio stations in the Southeast region.  In addition to internet casting radio formats covering hip hop / R&B / Gospel /  Blues/ Jazz and other genres – Love Radio coordinates talent / sound and marketing for some of the largest outdoor festival events in the region   These events include  Sweet Auburn Spring Fest, Reynoldstown, Festival, Cascade Festival, and the Great Atlanta Blues & Music Fest and The Union City Fall Festival.  Tom also taught at Columbia & Conneticut Schools of Broadcasting.

Tom Davis would certainly be an asset to your organization as he brings with him an incredible amount of wisdom, knowledge and experience gained from world travel – interacting with the various cultures.  Mr. Davis’ entrepreneurial activities in the Atlanta area and other cities around the USA has created a rather large network of persons who – on a short notice – can provide whatever resources / information needed to make a major event / project successful.

Tom can be contacted at (678)-613-7681 or



  Tom Davis 678-613-7681 or



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We are looking for groups & Artist to perform all types of Music International, Asian, Latin, Caribbean, African, Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel, Blues, Jazz If you are interested call

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